Saturday, November 24, 2012

Odisha Contemporary Artists are in action, Sudarshan Biswal is going to start his dream project in December

Odisha's Young Artist Sudarshan Biswal is all ready to Start his Dream Project in coming December, after his graduation from Bibhuti Kanungo College of art and crafts, bhubaneswar , Sudarshan traveled out from the state for higher study and now he came back in Odisha to work for the rich tradition of art and culture of his state, to begin with he is going  to start an art camp in Konark , this art camp will give artists to live within odisha's natural beauty to explore their artistic expression. For further update on this please call: 09439725557


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  2. Artist Sudarshan Biswal is a famous Oil painting and Acrylic painting artist. I like his painting "observer". Have a look on some Indian paintings and handicraft items at India Handicrafts.