Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AlumniBKCAC organized a sketching workshop in the foothill of Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar on the eve of Odiya Nava Varsha (New Year) celebration

AlumniBKCAC organized a sketching workshop, as its second event in the series of Silver Jubilee celebration of the Bibhuti Kanungo College of Art & Crafts, Bhubaneswar. The workshop was planned in the foothill of Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar on the eve of Odiya Nava Varsha (New Year) celebration in the sculpture studio of Saroj Bhanja, a young and enthusiastic sculptor. This workshop was a gathering of the old students and present young artists to develop harmony and co-ordination amongst each other.

The event began with a congregation by the artists that was formally introduced by the president of the alumniBKCAC Adwaita Gadanayak. Subrat Mullick, the secretary of alumniBKCAC vividly projected the programmes that are scheduled to take place through out the year. Sculptor Anjan Kumar Sahoo, joint secretary AlumniBKCAC, invited constructive suggestions from all members, who were present, to make Silver jubilee celebration an extraordinary and special. AlumniBKCAC Executive member Ashok Nayak, who is director of Delhi based Ashok Art Gallery has updated about construction of organization website which is running as beta test now, the members were informed that it would be back with a new and attractive look with lot more features and interactive options. and it will lunch officially on the month May. Another alumni Durga Patnaik has mentioned about a proper documentation of all alumnus in college register which will provide a right information to all the students and as well as to visitors. Executive member M. Sovan Kumar informed about his Mega Art Exhibition project that is coordinated by him for the silver jubilee project.

The formal discussion was followed by a workshop of drawing and painting, wherein the artists present participated. These events were regularly organized and managed by the local alumni in order to make a meaningful presence in the contemporary art field. The events might just seem usual but they carry the emotion of the former students and their commitment towards the art college that has nurtured them to achieve the present feet. This workshop and interaction turned successful with the presence of Kamalakshya Kanungo, Subhranshu Panda, Meenaketan Patnaik, Shyama Prasad Tali, Lipishree Nayak, Ashok Nayak, Rabinarayan Sahu, Saroj Bhanja, Siba Prasad Patri, Rajiv Pradhan, Debadutta Naik, Niroj Satapathy, Harekrushna Ojha, Lalata Kishore Pradhan, Divya Ranjan Rout, Subhadarshi Swain, Lalit Swain, Gautam Sahoo, Satyajit Das, Manas Moharana, Kanta Kishore Moharana, Biswa Ranjan Kar, Satabhama Majhi, Nilanshu Bala Sasmal, Chanda Kishore, Chandra Sekhar Sethi, Smrutikanta Rout, Somanath Rout, Abakash Martha, Gopal Krushna Rath, Niranjan Mangaraj, Niranjan Ojha and Sukant Moharana.

The event was convened by Veejayant Das, member of the alumni and Pratap Jena, Executive member of alumni. The space was provided courtesy Saroj Bhanja which literally fused the environment with artistic ambience.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Nua Barasha - Nua Katha, an open discussion forum on Oriya New Years Day

Dear All
AlumniBKCAC invites you to celebrate Oriya New Year on 14th April 2009 at Saroj Bhanja (Bhanu) Studio
Address: Kolathia Chowk, Near Andhra Bank Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. from 3pm to 7pm
Wish you and your family A Happy n prosperus oriya new year 2009


Thursday, April 2, 2009


On the occasion of Utkal Divas the alumni BKCAC decided to begin its Silver Jubilee event with Chitra Murchhana: a workshop for students, teachers and friends of BK College, where the 100 feet canvas was commonly painted by the artists on site at the college premises. This event was formally inaugurated by Shri Bijay Jena, Commissioner, Ministry of Culture, Government of Orissa in the presence of Dr. Alekh Charan Sahu, Principal, B K College and Shri Adwaitya Gadanayak, President and Shri Subrat Mullik, Secretary, alumni BKCAC.

100 ft canvas has been streached in the morning of 1st april, more than 200 orissan artists expressed their feelings on this proud moment, senior artists Siba Panigrahi, Kashinath Jena, Gauranga Bariki were part of the event, B.K. Art college current principal A. C. Sahu, Lecturer Jayanta Das, Gajendra Ku Padhi, Meenaketan Pattnaik were also there, Alumni BKCAC president Adwaita Gadanayak, Secretary Subrat Mullick, Joint Secretary Anjan Ku Sahoo, Treserur Tarakant Parida, Executive member Pradosh Mishra, Pratap Jena, Prabir Dalai, Ashok Nayak, Priyadarshini Mohanty were amongst all other present. Senior AlumniBKCAC Vruguram Sahu, Deba Rath, Rajendra Sahu, D.B. Rao, Kamalakshya Kanungo, Janapriya Debata, Rabi bhai, Manjushree, Rosi, Bidutlata and other alumni were there.

The beginning of the event was marked by a chorus of Vande Utkala Janani by young children that impressed the audience. The first event by the alumni BKCAC on the 1st of April, 2009 the independence day of Orissa thus became meaningful and would keep the artists inspiring for long time to comoe.