Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Odisha Police on Wednesday detained Artist Sudarshan Biswal over his criticism

Odisha Police on Wednesday detained Artist Sudarshan Biswal over his criticism to the state government’s popular Rs.1 per kg rice scheme through his art performance. Artist Sudarshan Biswal staged his art performance in Bhubaneswar against the govt’s scheme of providing rice at Rs.1 per kg, evil day of farmer and agriculture etc.
He walked with plough and body paint with colour and rice at Sachibalay Marg  Bhubaneswar from Jayadev Bhawan to P.M.G. square (Ag Sqr,)at 12 noon on 20th Feb 2013. Capital Thana Police arrested him in front of Jaydev Bhawan and detained at Police station for 1 hour and leave him with bond signed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Raghunath Sahoo, the young Odia painter showcased his works on subject Water

Raghunath Sahoo is now very well known for his super talent on figurative paintings, recently his SOLO exhibition of paintings held in Bhubaneswar.
In his 20 odd paintings, Sahoo gives an insight into village life portraying a study of different themes such as rural women, nature in villages, childhood and so on.
“I usually love portraying subjects, mostly living. In this collection, viewers will find traditions and elements of rural life that Odia people must have come across in some stage of their lives. However, there is no space for them in the urban existence,” said the artist.
This exhibition, which was inaugurated on Sunday, will continue till February 23.
IMAGE: this is published in samaj supplement