Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Odia artists in New Delhi condole demise of Artist Kashinath Jena

The demise of Odia Artist Kashinath Jena give sadness amongst Odia Art fraternity. Odia artists living in Delhi attended the condolence on 4th April at NSD Campus at 5 P.M.

Dillip Tripathy, Ashok Nayak, Pratul Dash, Sudhanshu Sutar, Tapan Dash, Pradosh Swain, Manoj Mohanty, Sambit Panda, Sanjay Bhatt, Pradeep, Rakesh, Ranjan and many other artists attended and pays tribute to this senior artist. Born in 1943 at Kesinga,Koraput Odisha, Kashinath Jena can better be termed as the post-independence second generation artist of Odisha who could sustain the legacy of modern art movement that started in the early 50s.

Jena uses naturalistic motives of an inherent simplicity in which every contour is clearly outlined as though provided for a basic exercise in colour and composition; however, the rigour with which the forms are rendered and his works composed gives them the formality of conventional figuration. His subjects are reduced to simple forms and the surface of his painting is enriched by varied texture and the free use of representational motives.

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