Saturday, December 18, 2010

VERMILION VERSES a Solo show by Baladev Maharatha at India Habitat Centre New Delhi

VERMILION VERSES a Solo show by Baladev Maharatha , It will exhibit Indian classical Art like wash paintings, tempora and acrylics on canvases at India Habitat Centre New Delhi
Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery Dates: 22nd - 26th Dec. 2010
Art works showing women, birds,flowers trees & mountains captured in intricate detail have been a beautiful reminder of Indian rich traditions of loving the Nature.That’s the beauty part of it, and what also keeps alive the business of looking, the flip side of this business being how money and fame can sometimes make dreamers or opportunists out of even the most scrupulous experts & institutions...
With the mediaval poetics, nature plays a pivotal role. The women are described with the imagery from the nature. The narratives are so lively that the painter finds it quite feasible to transform it to visual medium.Be it the God or Human beings all decline before love for its state of eagerness and belongingness. Baladev stepped into the particular avenue by vividly osmotising the finer elements of imagery, iconography and form and the essence would provide him to paint the woman, the Nayika in so called poetics....
Show will be innaugurated by Ms Sangeeta Bahadur, Deputy Director General, ICCR on 22nd December 2010 at 5.00 P.M.

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