Friday, November 6, 2009

From the ancient times till today, coffee houses across the globe have been, very often, the cradle of creativity, ideas and even revolutions

From the ancient times till today, coffee houses across the globe have been, very often, the cradle of creativity, ideas and even revolutions. But, it’s an irony that women have seldom been a part of such gatherings. Against such a backdrop, the just conducted women writers’ meet at the Coffee House Creative Corner (CHCC) in the Capital on Sunday was a welcome initiative. CHCC that hosts weekly gatherings on all Sunday evenings at the busy Old Bus Stand across the Market Building with a host of writers, artists, dramatists and even film and media persons decided to celebrate its golden jubilee session with Kabita Kallolini, an assembly of women writers who recited their poems that received rave response from literary circles. Following inauguration by eminent poet Rajendra Kishore Panda who maintained that “each poet is a woman for the ability to create”, 16 poets recited their poems while actress-dancer Prativa Panda anchored the event. Most of the poems were lucid and honest expressions of the woman’s mind – her dreams and dilemma – penned in first person and with an autobiographical undertone. Celebrated poet Banaja Devi’s poem described how the writer looks back at her life at times and ponders if she should calculate all that she has got or lost for that matter. Similarly, Susama Mishra, in her poem penned in a lighter vein, narrated the fast changing habits of women from her mother’s generation down to her daughter’s. Known as an established essayist and critic, Professor Sanghamitra Mishra surprised the audience with her touching poem that inspires the girl to look up straight suggesting women empowerment. However, in style of recitation and content, Runu Mohanty’s poem Sufi geet was a class of its own that eulogized women’s emancipation and left a lasting impression on the audience. Jyotsna Das was the other writer whose poem about a woman writer fondly remembering her beloved man amidst her various roles as a housewife, excelled in craft and content. A pleasant surprise was short story writer Shanti Mohanty who revealed her talent as a lyricist and a singer of high order. And city-based Hindi poet Rashmi Dhawan added a distinct flavour to the recitation session as the lone non-Oriya poet. Among others, Minati Mishra, Sunanda Tripathy, Jayanti Rath, Sunanda Mishra, Rajani Ransingh, Minati Das, Sailabala Mohapatra, Jayanti Padhiary and Purnima Nayak recited their poems. The audience comprised several eminent writers like Sourindra Barik, Adhyapak Biswaranjan, Jyoti Nanda, Adikand Sahoo and Prakash Mohapatra besides noted theatre personality Asim Basu. CHCC conveners Suresh Balabantaray and Akshaya Behera, both writers, addressed the gathering.
Shyamhari Chakra
Source: The New Indian Express


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